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Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver BT 163

৳ 380.00

BT-163 Audio Music Receiver A2DP 5851S EDR 2.1 Wireless Car Bluetooth Receiver

Adapter Kit 3.5MM AUX Audio Stereo Music vs BC06

BluetoothAudio Music Receiver

USB Output, 3.5mm Audio Cable for PC Speaker iPhone,iPad,iPod

Letordinary speakers instantly become wireless Bluetooth stereo audio musicspeakers; Can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as mobile phone,laptops, speaker and Bluetooth audio transmitter.



SupportA2DP V1.2

Poweredby 5V DC


Transmissiondistance: ≥10 m


Powersupply mode:USB-POWER

Interfaces/Ports:1 x 3.5mm Mini-phone Audio Out, 1 xOperation Steps


For NoUSB port Speakers

Supplypower to the device by connecting charger with 5 V USB interface, then connectthe Speaker`s AUX port with the audio cable.

ForSpeakers with USB port

Connectthe device with speaker`s USB port directly ,then then connect the Speaker`sAUX port with the audio cable.

Steptwo: Matche

Turnon the Bluetooth function of computer,mobile orother device which has Bluetooth function, searching for theH-163device toconnect and input:0000for matching when the device is in the matching mode.After matching success ,the indicator light turn to twinkle slowly.Then you canuse your iPhone iPad playing the music.


USBBluetooth Audio Music Receiver

1 x3.5mm Audio Cable



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