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Wrist BP Blood Pressure Monitor Meter

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Wrist BP Blood Pressure Monitor Meter

Product details

Wrist BP Blood Pressure Monitor Meter Sphygmomanometer with Wrist band
Brand Name:None
Model Number:None
100% Brand new and high quality!
Using the oscillometric blood pressure measurement,Accurately measure the blood pressure
Intelligent presurize,live nonvoice (optional),Serial port (optional)
Voltage power detection,Low power consumption
LCD digital display,legible
Intelligent pressure
WHO warning message function
Double mode,each of the 90 set of measurements of memory
The overpressure protection function.
An irregular heartbeat tips
The clock feature

Condition: new
Product size: 71*73*32mm (wristband not included)
Wristband range: 135~195mm
Display: LCD digital display screen
Measurement range: blood pressure 0~280mmHg pulse 40~199 times / min
Compression method: automatic pressurizing pump
Reducing the way: solenoid valve control pressure
Measurement error: blood pressure + 3% heart rate + 5%
Memory capacity: 90 sets of measurement data and time
Pressure sensing: semiconductor pressure sensor
Power supply: 2 AAA battery
Measurement interval: 1mmHg
Operating temperature and humidity: ~+40 C +10 C /40%~85%R.H.
Preservation of temperature and humidity: +50 C -20~ C /15%~90%R.H.

Package includes:
1x Digital Wrist Bp Blood Pressure Monitor Meter


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