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Water powered Clock

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Water-powered Clock

You can still find quite a number of operating water clocks in the 21st century world. However, sine we’ve happened upon a number of reliable timekeeping technologies that don’t require trips to the well and 30-foot (9-meter) towers, most of these water clocks exist as either museum pieces or works of kinetic art.

For instance, the whimsical Hornsby Water Clock gushes with the linear progression of time in New South Wales, Australia. The fountain is actually the third largest clock in the world and combines three different ancient water clock designs. Meanwhile, the work of modern horologicartist Bernard Gitton is on display in the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Gitton’s 26.5-foot (8-meter) “Time Flow Clock” uses 70 gallons (265 liters) of water, methyl alcohol and food coloring to provide visitors with the time of day.


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