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Multifunctional Foot Kneading Machine XC8003

৳ 4,550.00

Multifunctional Foot Kneading Machine

Model No-xc8003

Function Characteristics 

 1. Deep Kneading, Pinch , Scraping, Push & Massage :-

      360 all- round manipulator , with point accurately, kneading in place 
       , reshaping the real feel .

2.  Far infrared temperature hyperthermia :-

     Generate heat soothe tense muscles & increase the massage effect . 

3.  Dynamic Magnetic Therapy :-

      In the massage at the same time , with the dynamic magnetic weve, 
      from  the outsite to the 
      inside , the foot lesions in small particlss are thoroughly shattered by 
       no, make be full of go . 

4.  Foot Shock :-

      On foot for a full range of motion . to promote physical & mental 

5.   On Systemic Holistic Massage

       On foot , neck , shoulder , waist, back, leg, abdominal, all-powerful 
       massage & physiotherapy


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