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Money Detector Machine AD 818

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Money Detector Machine

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Money Detector Machine

Model No-AD 818

Product Description


UV lamp: The UV lamp can detect counterfeit money, stock note, credit cards, traveller’s cheques, fluorescent marks & other decument, it can even detect minutest trace of all kinds of man made fiber.

Water Mark: The water mark can detect and check the water mark, wire pattern, figure and any painted out mark present on the money.

Magnifying lens: It makes it easy to detect minute marks, when the UV Lamp and White Light are on, the currency is magnified manifold.

N. W. 710G

G. W. 920G

UV Lamp: 11w

Dinensions: 285x162x156mm

Power supply: AC22V 50Hz-60Hz

AC110V 50Hz-60Hz


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