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Money Counting Machine 5800D UV/MG

৳ 19,500.00

Money Counting Machine

Model No-5800 D

Feed system: Roller Friction System
100% accurate, fast speed multi-currency money
counter with UV, MG, counterfeit detection
Front panel LCD digital display readout & button control Center
Beeping ALARM notification with counterfeit Detection
With 3 Display Screen for Customer, 1 LED Screen, 1 – External Display
Counts 900 Banknotes Per Minute

Product Description

The robust and reliable Bill Counter 5800D offers a 3-point counterfeit detection system with fast and 100% accurate counting of your banknotes. This versatile money counter is suitable for all currencies.

This friction based counter all includes built-in fake note detection by using UV (ultra-violet light), MG (detecting magnetic ink) & IR (Infrared).

Bill Counter 5800D Features
Automatic detection of counterfeit bills by UV (Ultra Violet) and MG (magnetic) while counting.
Appropriate for most currencies in the world.
Start, stop and delete automatically.
With functions of dosage, addition and self-examination.
Detection of double bills (with IR infrared detection system).
With front and side display.
Counter speed of 1000 bills / min.


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