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TNT Cordless Phone Dual Keypad KX-TG3811

৳ 7,450.00


Panasonic KX-TG3811 Cordless Landline Phone

Talking Caller ID
Dual Keypad, HS & Base Speaker
Large 1.8 inch LCD, Power Failure Talk System
Caller Id with 50-Name *2, & Number Caller ID Memory *1, 100-Name & Number Phone book
Smart wall Mountable, Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries, Reversible Handset.

Swank and sleek, the Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone KX-TG3811 is packed to the brim with exciting features such as 100-Name and Number Phonebook and a 1.8” LCD Display this device is the ideal for both, personal and professional .

2.4 GHz Frequency

Dect Plus technology takes the superb sound quality and outstanding range of DECT 6.0 phones to a whole level. By increasing the frequency of error correction by up to 80x, the transmission quality is improved and the phone’s range is extended.

Engineered to work in 1.9GHz frequency, our DECT 6.0 phones won’t conflict with common wireless devices such as 2.4GHz routers, wireless keyboards and mice, microwave ovens and other household items. And because it’s digital, you’ll enjoy long range and clear sound while deterring eavesdropping.

Power Failure Systems

A powerful battery back-up system keeps you connected so when the power goes out. Keep a charged handset in the base unit and you can still make and receive calls with the other cordless handsets.

Caller ID

Now you don’t have to be holding the phone to see who’s calling; using text-to-speech technology, the Caller ID information is announced in between rings!

Reminder & Alarm Clock

This KX-TG3811 phone also boasts an alarm clock that speaks to you, as in “It’s time for lunch,” and the phone politely tells you when your battery is low with a “Please charge phone” reminder !

Rechargeable Batteries

This feature automatically lowers the power consumption when you’re using the handset close to the base unit. Not only does it extend the available talk time, it’s good for the environment. When less power is by the handset to communicate with the base unit, battery life is prolonged which results in less frequent charging and can result in fewer batteries in landfills.

High Range Transmission

Clarity even at extended range is a hallmark of Panasonic cordless phones. Our 2011 line-up features Range Boost technology; a built-in antenna to the base unit; that extends transmission range by up to 20% compared to previous generation phones, so you can keep talking as you keep walking.

Tone Equalizer

Everyone hears differently. To maximize clarity or accommodate hearing loss, This exclusive feature actually lets you control the bass, mid-range, or treble tones in a callers voice for maximum clarity.


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