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Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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LIGHT AND COMPACT – WILL EASILY FIT IN YOUR HANDBAG: Ideal for a spontaneous selfie – at only 11″ long when retracted, this stick will fit conveniently into any small bag.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE EXTENSION 11″ – 40″: Adjust the length of the selfie stick to get the perfect shot. Use a short length for intimate shots and a longer length to cram in more people or background.
UNIVERSAL PHONE HOLDER SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE DEVICES: You can use the universal phone holder for any device up to 3.25″ in width.
180 DEGREE ADJUSTABLE HEAD: The mount at the top of the selfie stick can be positioned at any point through a 180 degree arc, allowing you to adjust the position according to the specific shot you are taking.
BLUETOOTH REMOTE FOR APPLE AND ANDROID INCLUDED: No need to set up a timer and rush your selfie set-up, the Bluetooth remote will allow you to take the photo when YOU are ready. Connects with Bluetooth 3.0. Compatible with Apple IOS 602 or newer and Android 4.2.2 or newer. No other OS supported. Full instructions are included – some Android users may need to download the free “Camera 360″ app from the Google Play store.
Product Description
Color: Black with Remote
Are You Unsatisfied With Your Selfies? The Selfie Stick is the Solution!

The CamKix fully adjustable Selfie Stick will help you take awesome self-portraits with your cell phone.

The stick is light and compact so will fit conveniently into your handbag or backpack – easily accessible for a spontaneous selfie!

It extends from 11″ to 40” and can be adjusted to any length in between. The head of the stick can bend through 180 degrees, so your cell phone can be placed in the best position for whatever shot you are taking.

The Bluetooth remote included is compatible with Apple IOS 602 or newer and Android 4.2.2 or newer. It will allow you to remotely control your camera shutter so you can take your photo whenever you are ready. Full instructions are included – some Android users made need to download the free “Camera 360” app from the Google Play store.

The universal phone holder is suitable for any device up to 3.25 inches in width and can be used with many different cell phones.

The selfie stick comes with an adjustable wrist strap and retail packaging.

1 x Selfie Stick
1 x Bluetooth Remote
1 x Universal Phone Holder
2 x CamKix Wrist Strap


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