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Binoculars for Sports

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Binoculars for Sports

As we know, to get the very best views of most sports you are probably best staying at home and watching it on TV! However what television sport lacks compared to the live events is the unbeatable atmosphere. But just because you have decided to go watch you favorite sporting event live does not mean that you have to be content with just soaking up the atmosphere and watching tiny dots run around the field below! You can bring the action much closer to you with a good pair of sports binoculars and in this way you almost have the best of both worlds.

Football, soccer, baseball, athletics, golf, rugby, tennis, motor racing, basketball, ice hockey, beach volleyball…. the list goes on. The point is the right binoculars will most certainly improve your enjoyment of the action at most sporting events and in this section I will go over what makes a good all round sports binocular, perfect for taking to most events. However there are a few sports like cricket, horse racing, sailing and even surfing where a more specialist bin may be even better and so I have also created sub-sections for these that take the basic requirements from this page and adds to them.

So for now please take a look here at my guide to buying the best binoculars for sporting events:

Important Features: Sports Binoculars

When choosing any binocular for a specific purpose, first establish what the most important features are for their intended use and then you can find binoculars that match all or as many features that you are looking for.

Golf BinocularsSo what features are most important in a pair of binoculars for sports?


The whole point of a pair of sporting binoculars is to get closer to the action, so you may be forgiven for thinking that the more powerful the magnification the better. Not True as high powered binoculars have a few drawbacks that will make viewing all the sporting action far from ideal.

The first problem with increasing the magnification is the higher the magnification, the smaller your field of view will usually be. This means that you will see plenty of detail, but less of what is going on the periphery and so could miss out on some of the action.


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