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3500 Watts Wireless Switch For Smart Home

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3500 Watts Wireless Switch For Smart Home

Sonoff TH16 is a Sonoff version smart switch that can monitor and set temperature and humidity through the APP eWeLink. Just as the name indicated, the new version Sonoff TH device supports two power supply specifications: 16A. It supports preset a temperature and humidity range, when the temperature and humidity of the environment fall into the range, it will automatically turn on or turn off connected devices.

Supports 90~ 250V AC input.
Support max 16A input.
Power: 3500W (16A).
Support fast configure SSID and password connection through APP.
Support automatic connects to the server, register and updates status info.
Support tracking device status and timely remote control through APP.
Support setting countdown, single and repeat timing tasks.
Support real-time temperature and humidity displaying.
Support 3 temperature and humidity sensors (AM2301, DS18B20, DHT11)- Not Included
Support preset temperature and humidity to turn on/off.
Support group management, scene, smart scene.


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